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Re: Papers,Reports,etc(+ more)

Allan Edels wrote:

>     The advantages of actually doing some work in the museum are: You
> get a
> lot more time there than one trip for 1-2 hours would allow you; You
> sometimes get hands-on experience with dinosaurs, etc.; and you
> occasionally
> get to meet lots of interesting people (especially paleontologists).
> Because of my association with ANSP, I have met Drs. Peter Dodson,
> Jack
> Horner, Bruce Rothschild, Bill Gallagher, Tony Fiorillo, Catherine
> Forster,
> etc., as well as many others.

I have in the past done volunteer work in the local state museum
paleontology dept. & found it a rewarding experinece.  Also you learn
heaps about the taxon you are working on, you get to handle the
specimens as well.

Here in Australia there are not many dinosaur fossils - I am referring
to plaeontology specimens in general.

Kewl!   :-)


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