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Re: Suchomimus vs Baryonyx: Dare to Compare

ok, I can see that
perhaps Suchomimus used it's broad back as does a swan-to carry it's
young, and the sail was a protection for the juveniles-similar to the
way the wings are used with many water fowl.  The fin being that far
back brings it directly over the swimming center of gravity if the
creature is swimming as a duck does.


Ralph Miller III wrote:
 On the other hand,
> this doesn't mean that _Spinosuchus_ couldn't swim, for theropods typically
> had large feet and mobile tails.  Based on the design of the body, would it
> not be more appropriate to compare a swimming _Suchomimus_ to a swimming
> bird?  The typically large theropod foot would also be helpful to stabilize
> a spinosaur up to its belly in water, supported by a muddy substrate,
> snapping at fish and other creatures with its long narrow snout.