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Re: Suchomimus vs Baryonyx: Dare to Compare

Tracy Ford wrote:

<Why, oh why, is the back of Spinosaurus drawn that way? There is no
way it looked like that. No artist will use that incorrect drawing to
draw Spinosaurus!>

  I agree; in fact, I like Tracy's illustration of the arrangement of
vertebrae as shown on the DinoDoings of Dinogeorge on Skullduggery.
The neural spines are arched higher more close to the shoulders than
the back, and it looks more dramatically visual this way. If the
animal had a reason to display his back, even secondary to a
heat-regulator function, then one would make more dramatic use of that
sail. It looks cooler, too! :) But that's the opinion of _one_ artist.

Jaime A. Headden

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