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Re: Suchomimus vs Baryonyx: Dare to Compare

Jaime A. Headden wrote:
> Tracy Ford wrote:
> <Why, oh why, is the back of Spinosaurus drawn that way? There is no
> way it looked like that. No artist will use that incorrect drawing to
> draw Spinosaurus!>
>   I agree; in fact, I like Tracy's illustration of the arrangement of
> vertebrae as shown on the DinoDoings of Dinogeorge on Skullduggery.
> The neural spines are arched higher more close to the shoulders than
> the back, and it looks more dramatically visual this way. If the
> animal had a reason to display his back, even secondary to a
> heat-regulator function, then one would make more dramatic use of that
> sail. It looks cooler, too! :) But that's the opinion of _one_ artist.

Actually I think I got that arragment of the neural spines from a
calander from David Peters. I think he got it right. Or I could have
gotten it from someone else.