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Suchomimus and other NEWS

Brian Franczak <franczak@ntplx.net> writes:
> Forgive all these pesky _Suchomimus_ questions; I still haven't seen the
> SCIENCE article.

Really?  You should check it out -- free -- at the _Science_ magazine web
site!  You need to register a user name and a password and you may have to
fill out a questionnaire, but it's well worth the price (nada).  Unless you
are a paid subscriber, you won't be able to enlarge the illustrations OR
get Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.'s full text ("Spinosaurs as Crocodile Mimics"),
but whaddya want for nothin'?  Register for free restricted access to the
_Science_ web site at <www.sciencemag.org> and you may have to click on
some menus to get what you want.

A fabulous resource for all the latest dino news is at "Your Mining Co.
Guide to Science/Nature for Kids," at <http://kidscience.miningco.com/>. 
Click on "News" under "Net Links" to get to a handful of science news sites
whence you can quickly locate recent news stories on the web from a wide
variety of news sites.  There is no URL that will lead directly to the
"News" section; you must follow the above procedure.  One warning about
this system: only the last week's news is stored here, so if you see
something you want, you need to print it out right away, before it's GONE. 


-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com