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_Suchomimus_ in Time

The 11/23/98 edition of Time magazine has an amusing little article on
the _Suchomimus_ discovery, entitled "Fright Write." (p. 41)

> Beats Writing About Molecules
> Nothing like a newly discovered dinosaur to get those science writers'
> juices up.  According to which publication you read, _Suchomimimus
> tenerensis_ was:

> "[a] creature with a long thin snout like a crocodile, thick legs like
> tree trunks, huge curved claws like meat hooks..." - San Francisco
> Chronicle

> ..."the size of a city bus with 16-in., hook-shaped thumb claws and
> a snout like a mutant crocodile..." - Washington Post

> "[a] giant with a crocodile's face and powerful Popeye-like forearms
> ...sporting a huge, sail-like, bony structure growing out of its back
> and deadly, 16-in., stiletto-sharp thumb claws..." - Chicago Tribune

> "[a dinosaur with] hypertrophy of both the premaxilla and the 
> anterior ramus of the maxilla...and has prominent epipophyses
> for muscle attachments.  The neural spines increase in height
> rapidly in the middorsal vertebrae, forming a low median sail that
> is deepest over the sacral vertebrae." - Science

Some folks just don't understand poetry.