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More _Suchomimus_ in Time

Time On-Line:
has a fancifully interpreted article on _Suchomimus_.
Some excerpts:

"The Fisher King, by Dennis Cook/AP
Meet Suchomimus -- a Tyrannosaur-like dinosaur who's about to turn 
paleontology upside down"
[Why is everything Tyrannosaur-like to the press?]

" Here's one fellow you wouldn't like to meet in a dark alley: 36 feet 
long, built like a T. rex, a hundred teeth sharp as razors, claws the size 
of your foot." 

"And that means paleontologists everywhere are going to have to 
rethink the whole spinosaur family of dinosaur that Suchomimus 
belonged to. Is he the direct ancestor of modern crocodiles, for 
[Paleontologists everywhere--are you thinking about this?]

" 'It was built for snaring and swallowing,' said Sereno. Strangely 
enough, with all that equipment, Suchomimus did nothing more 
dominant than hunt for fish. "
[Yes, but what fish!]