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Re: An Idea!

On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, Berislav Krzic wrote:

> <After seeing so many excellent and meticulous, technical, revamped websites
> (like Keesey's, Pooling's, Headden's and so forth) I have an idea for a
> request. I've always wanted to have a quick reference for related fauna and
> flora for each particular period or era and in each particular site in the
> world (for example, I would like to see a complete cross reference of the
> known Campanian fauna in Argentina or South America... or anything
> similar... if there's any).
> Luis Rey> 
> I certainly second that idea/request and wonder who would have enough
> guts, time, energy and nerves to do it?

I have a list of dinosaurs (and pterosaurs and "lagosuchians") by place,
and was going to make another index by time period. The place list, like
many of the pages in my newly revamped site, is generated from data files
by a program I made. It wouldn't be too hard to make a program that makes
an index by time and place from these data files.

Of course, that's only dinosaurian fauna....

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