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Re: More Suchomimus thoughts

ah ha! 
the modern versions of these hibernate during dry spells rolled into a
little ball in dried mud.
long claws could easily scour through mud to strain for dormant fish (or
buried turtles or croc eggs...)


Bolton Museum, Art Gallery & Aquarium wrote:
> Has anyone any details on the lungfish species found in the same
> deposits? These and many other fish which live in swamps and
> river deltas possess accessory respiratory organs enabling them to
> breath atmospheric air.This requires regular trips to the surface
> where they could concievably become prey for an animal such as
> Suchomimus.
> Also,were Osteoglossids present in these areas? The modern
> Arapaima which also needs to surface for air and inhabits fairly
> shallow water reaches at least 8ft in length,and a similar fish would
> provide a substantial meal even for a reptile the size of
> Suchomimus.
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