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Re: More Suchomimus thoughts

In a message dated 11/18/98 4:18:59 PM Eastern Standard Time,
bolnathist@gn.apc.org writes:

<< Has anyone any details on the lungfish species found in the same 
 deposits? These and many other fish which live in swamps and 
 river deltas possess accessory respiratory organs enabling them to 
 breath atmospheric air.This requires regular trips to the surface 
 where they could concievably become prey for an animal such as 
 Suchomimus. >>

As someone who used to own a betta (called Bela the Better Betta), I know that
air-breathing fishes can also migrate to deeper ponds when their own dries.
Perhaps the spinosaurs lurked behind bushes waiting to pounce on fish walking
Bela was kept in a tank with neons until I figured out why they were
disappearing.  The betta jaw is very flexible.  I put Bela in a separate tank,
went in the bedroom, and started to read.  Then I saw Bela walking by the
doorway on his way to the bathroom.  Maybe he was going to escape, or maybe
the neons just made him nauseous.
By the way, I don't want Bela confused with software being tested(beta), he
was definitely alpha.