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Re: Trackprints in Texas

[Mickey - Hopefully, this won't violate any restrictions regarding

Sorry to disappoint you (or your classmate), but the story is decidedly
wrong.  There are trackways in the Paluxy River in Texas.  They are very
good dinosaur trackways, including some very large sauropod tracks.

    About 10-12 years ago, a Creation Scientist claimed to have found human
footprints next to some of the dinosaur tracks.  If true, the human foot
would have been 2.5 feet long.  The 20,000 year figure supports an alternate
timeline.  The purported human footprint has since been shown to be a
theropod dinosaur that apparently walked on the outside edge of its feet.
(Most ODD!)

    The scientist that originally described it as a human trackway now
agrees that it is not human.  There is at least one book that continues to
make the claims that your classmate refers to.  I have seen and read parts
of the book - I was not convinced.

        Allan Edels

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Subject: Trackprints in Texas

>I was in Physical Geology and one of my classmates said something about a
>paper/book that he has with trackprints of a dinosaur and human side by
>side, which was found in TX, and it is about 500 yards or feet long.  The
>trackway is also... apx...20,000 years old or older.  I didnt see any
>validity in this.  So do any of you know about this?
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