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In the best tradition of my dear friend Pete Buchholz, I hereby 
announce that you can all now view some of my very own, hand 
crafted artwork at Mike Keesey's fantastic DINOSAURICON www 
site ( http://www.ql.umbc.edu/~tkeese1/dinosaur ). 

I have only had the time to send six pictures to Mike, but pester me 
and I might send more. Mike has inadvertently mislabelled some of the 
pictures - the blotchy-patterned _Segnosaurus galbinensis_ is in fact 
a representation of _Alxasaurus_, and the two caprimulgiform birds 
flying over the head of _Aegotheles_ are not member of the same 
genus, but different creatures entirely. Also, the picture of the two 
therizinosaurs is not meant to depict two different _types_ of 
therizinosaur, but rather two different artistic conceptions of what 
therizinosaurs may have looked like. The one on the left is a 
segnosaur composite as illustrated (and published) by Greg Paul, the 
one on the right is Ely Kish's unlikely-looking version of a 
_Therizinosaurus_. A third rendition - based on John Sibbick's best 
guess at _Erlikosaurus_ - was in the original but has been taken out 
for reasons of space. 

The 'Archosaur Diversity' picture was formerly available as a T-shirt 
design. The negative profit made production of said garments an 

Thanks and congratulations are due to Mike, who had done a superb job 
in putting up a lot of new interesting stuff, and had succeeded in 
providing a highly attractive site. If this were in a review in a 
magazine, I'd give Mike's site 4 stars out of 5.

"But there are no wolves here, we've killed them all. And then 
suddenly we feel much less safe. 
"For the howl comes from within".