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Re: An Idea!

T. Mike Keesey:
>I have a list of dinosaurs (and pterosaurs and "lagosuchians") by place,
>and was going to make another index by time period.

This is the idea: >BY THE TIME PERIOD< in different localities all over the
world... this will allow for speculation of unknown fauna (even if they are
just a few tell-tale fossil scraps) from different nearby localities, or
even those that now are far apart (like certain African and South American
co-related sites).

>The place list, like
>many of the pages in my newly revamped site, is generated from data files
>by a program I made. It wouldn't be too hard to make a program that makes
>an index by time and place from these data files.
>Of course, that's only dinosaurian fauna....

Exactly. If George doesn't have the time to do it properly, maybe a
dinosaur locality period index would be a nice start.

I'm sure Tracy Ford  can also help...

Luis Rey

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