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--Original Message-- From: GSP1954@aol.com 19 November 1998 08:18

>Schudack (1993 Berliner geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen 9:211-231)
>the Late Jurassic Guimarota habitat as being swampy. Interesting since
>Archaeopteryx type teeth are found there. Has anyone translated this paper
>see if tall trees were present in the habitat?

I've come round to the view that since Archaeopteryx must have been quite
mobile (and we have no reason to believe it wasn't versatile) we won't
necessarily ever need to find confirmation that it lived amongst high trees.
It would be nice if we could get it, but if we think of the places humans
have invaded over the space of just two million years from our original
habitat with tall trees, we should be able to make a convincing case for any
particular habitat not necessarily being the urvogel 's only or original

With regard to the lists of types by locality and time slot being considered
by the "An Idea" thread, it would be interesting to compare the distribution
of "Protobird" types with others.  For example, is _Unenlagia_'s or the
Alvarezsaurids access to S. America noteworthy in the absence of certain
other forms?  Do we know what the last types were to invade S.America from
various other places?