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Re: An Idea!

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  As far as compiling all the dinoosaurs into localities, The Dinosauria does 
a good job in the Dinosaur Distributions section near the begining of the 
book.  There have been several attempts made that included all verebrates and 
flora based  on locality, just off the top of my head, the new Encylopedia of 
Dinosaurs has  a section on Lance/Judithian faunas, and The Dinosauria- 
on-Line had an amazing section on fauna AND flora for Hell Creek.  I think by 
far the most needed reference for artists is regarding flora.  Theres also  a 
great book called The Flowering of Gondwana that shows fossil leaves right 
next to living specimens of it's modern counterparts. I've had to make my own 
compilations based on photos from botanical gardens and various books, but 
it's always a huge pain in the /_|_\ to   find out what grew where and when.  
Russel's  A Vanished World and Lessem's Dinosaur Worlds deal with flora, and 
also provide pictures.  Doug Henderson has by far the best portryal of 
prehistoric plant life and all around environments and should never be 
overlooked.  FLORA!  WE NEED FLORA!
  Hope that helps( although most of you know these refs already....)

 David Krentz

Date: 11/18/98 1:21 PM
To: David Krentz
From: theclaw@sprintmail.com

luisrey wrote:  I've always wanted to have a quick reference for related 

> flora for each particular period or era and in each particular site in the
> world (for example, I would like to see a complete cross reference of the
> known Campanian fauna in Argentina or South America... or anything
> similar... if there's any).
> Something like that would be also incredibly useful for any artist that
> wants to recreate massive scenes of interactive dinosaurs accurately.

I concur! PLEASE, someone do this! Not everyone is privy to the wealth of
information locked in the heads of paleobotanists and paleontologists and so
forth, and wading through thousands of journals to find such things out is a
daunting task, to say the least. I have the utmost respect for those artists
who did get their info that way; that's part of the reason the top artists 
at the top of their field. But I doubt that any of you would have turned down 
reference such as Luis described, if it had been available.-Chris Srnka