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Re: Suchomimus

The supplied URL is incorrect:


that seems to work.

Patrick Norton wrote:

I  just spent 30 minutes examining the skeleton of  _Suchomimus tenerensis_
via the live webcam located in Explorers Hall at the National Geographic
Society. Not only is the skeleton spectacular, but so is the webcam
technology.  The point, click and zoom technology is a fantastic tool for
increasing public access to museum displays. I was able, for example, to
examine the sacral and caudal vertebrae in close enough detail (up to 12X)
to conclude that there is no evidence of ossified tendons that would have
stiffened the tail (a question posted earlier on the list).  Remote viewing
will never substitute for holding the real thing in your hand, but this is a
fine specimen and a wonderful display--the Society should be congratulated
all around.

For those interested, the NGS webcam can be found at:


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