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Re: Isotopic Evidence for the K - T Impactor and Its Type

At 07:55 PM 11/16/98 +0000, Gautam Majumdar wrote:
>Stanley Friesen <sarima@ix.netcom.com> wrote
>>And I
>>have certainly heard suggestions that at least one mid-Cenozoic crater is
>>known of comparable magnitude.
>Recent work showed that the Chicxulub crater was about 100 km is diameter.
>The prominent 175-190 km feature is actually a fault scarp. Thus its size is
>comparable to both Popigai (100 km) and Chesapeake Bay (85 km) impact
>craters (both 35-36 mya) which were not associated with any extinction event.
Ah.  I suspect the one I was remembering was the Chesapeake Bay crater,
though I may have heard of the other as well.

May the peace of God be with you.         sarima@ix.netcom.com