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Re: CNN:a piece of the K/T rock?

At 10:29 AM 11/19/98 -0800, you wrote:
>article on report in Nature about a bit of 'fossil' asteroid believed to
>be a piece of "the rock"
I just looked over the article, In which UCLA scientist Frank Kyte States
"that should end the debate over what killed the dinosaurs."  I'm sorry,
but I find that statement very biased and somewhat pompous..  There is no
question that something happened at the K-T boundary, but there is still no
proof that this is the sole cause of the dinosaur extinction. Nor am I
convinced that one single event caused a worldwide extinction when so many,
certainly more fragile species survived. Birds, Frogs and many fresh water
fishes survive to this day, and yet many face extinction on a local level
from much less stress then this catastrophic event would have caused.
Finding pieces of meteorite in the K-T layer, only substantiates the impact
theory.  It does not offer undisputable evidence of the cause of extinction.

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