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Re: Trackprints in Texas

 > From:        paleo_mont@mailexcite.com [SMTP:paleo_mont@mailexcite.com]
 > I was in Physical Geology and one of my classmates said something about
 > paper/book that he has with trackprints of a dinosaur and human side by
 > side, which was found in TX, and it is about 500 yards or feet long. 
 > trackway is also... apx...20,000 years old or older.  I didnt see any
 > validity in this.  So do any of you know about this? 

If you open your hymnal -- that is, your copy of Gregory S. Paul's
_Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_ -- to page 134, illustration 5-3, you
will see a depiction of the alleged "human footprint" compared to a
digitigrade and plantigrade theropod track.  Paul discusses the so-called
"human prints" on the previous page.  The book suggests that the tracks may
have been made by _Acrocanthosaurus atokensis_ walking plantigrade-fashion,
and that the theropod's toes didn't press down with enough force to show up
in the track.

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com