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re: Trackprints in Texas

> > I was in Physical Geology and one of my classmates said something about a   
> >                  
> > paper/book that he has with trackprints of a dinosaur and human side by     
> >                  
> > side, which was found in TX, and it is about 500 yards or feet long.  The   
> >                  
> > trackway is also... apx...20,000 years old or older.  I didnt see any       
> >                  
> > validity in this.  So do any of you know about this?                        
> >                  
This would of course be the famous "man tracks" of Glen Rose, Texas.            
The notorious Carl Baugh has his Creation Evidences Museum nearby.  He          
and Don Patton of the Metroplex Insititute of Origin Science have been          
plugging this dead horse for about 15 years.  There's even a Web page.          
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