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Re: An Idea!

tlford@ix.netcom.com wrote:

> Berislav Krzic wrote:
> >
> > <After seeing so many excellent and meticulous, technical, revamped
> websites
> > (like Keesey's, Pooling's, Headden's and so forth) I have an idea
> for a
> > request. I've always wanted to have a quick reference for related
> fauna and
> > flora for each particular period or era and in each particular site
> in the
> > world (for example, I would like to see a complete cross reference
> of the
> > known Campanian fauna in Argentina or South America... or anything
> > similar... if there's any).
> > Luis Rey>
> >
> > I certainly second that idea/request and wonder who would have
> enough guts,
> > time, energy and nerves to do it?
> >
> Actually, I can and basically have. I've lists of all paleozoic and
> mesozoic tetrapods that I've been able to find in litature. My library
> is huge and is slowly pushing out the walls :->.
> One list is just names, on list is just localities, another is a more
> in
> depth list. One person in the SVP has expressed interest, but nothing
> yet. I've summited the idea to a publisher, no bite. It's so large,
> that
> a book won't work. In the dinosaurs I've a biblography after each
> family
> and it's over 1,000 pages (I think). all the other groups of animals
> the
> biblography is at the end of the list. Sauropterygia is 500 pages.
> I can supply names from localities, states, provinces, countries,
> hemipsheres, time, formations, etc.
> It' just money stopping me right now. I've invested to much time to
> not
> get somehting out of it.
> Just think, being able to go to one site, CD, book, what ever and look
> up every labyrinthodon, early amniote, turtle, lizard, snake,
> sphenodont, ichthyosaur, plesiosaur, placodont, crocodile, pterosaur,
> archosaur, dinosaur, mesozic bird, pelycosaur, theraspimd, dicynodont,
> mesozoic mammal. I can do it, but like I said, I don't have the funds
> to
> do it.
> Tracy

I am actually working *very slowly* on a similiar project for the "ages
of gaia" section of my website


Well, not nearly as *detailed* as yours Tracy but also it would cover
continental drift, invertebrates, the whole history of the biosphere,
etc etc.  Of course the whole thing is so vast & the time & energy i
have available so limited in comparison that i know I'll never get a
fraction of it finished.  And anyway I'll run out of webspace pretty
soon whatever happens

Such is the quixotic nature of the Web & certain of it's denizens.

Kewl!   :-)


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