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Re: Suchomimus tenerensis

>  In regards to the terrestrial predator hypothesis, it's entirely too
>possibly, as others have mentioned, and the narrowness of the jaws
>would be hardly a problem for it. Go after those small ornithopods
>instead of *Ouranosaurus* (if it was co-habitant (ie, lived at the
>same place, same time)) and there would be hardly a problem of killing
>that creature in a single lunging snap to the back or neck. The
>narrowness works something like a plank of wood, or similar to an
>I-beam: you hit something with the wide end, it's more likely to snap
>than if you were to hit it with the narrow end, the edge of the jaw,
>which is where the teeth are. Break it's back, neck, or pierce the
>skull and cause brain-death in seconds. Grab it by the tail or leg and
>cause serious lacerating wounds (gashes and deep slices) that makes
>the animal bleed to death. Hamstring it! Lions trip their prey, as do
>Cape hunting dogs [They're quadrupeds with no piscivorous adaptations,
>I know].

Wow. I don't think I could've put it better. I think you just might have 
proved my point as well.

>  As for those claws, who knows?

Could've been used to trip the prey, as you so elegantly stated earlier.



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