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Re: [Suchomimus tenerensis]

Caleb Lewis wrote:
> >It's not really the same, though.  In crocs you get huge, slender jaws
> >which are typically used to take down things like antelope, who are
> >fairly small.  They (usually) don't mess with hippos or buffalo or 
> >elephants, since these animals would tear them apart.
> I was not implying by this that I believe that the Succhomimus tried for
> things like Supersaurus. Just things equal in size some times, and maybe
> less.
>    Also, Wildebeast make up a nice part of a lot of crocodiles' diets
> when they migrate. 

Sorry, I lumped wildebeest in with antelope; my mistake.  Wildebeest are
typically taken in water crossings, though, more or less while they're
helpless.  In order for that to work with Suchomimus he's have to work
as an ambusher some of the time, and while that might work I don't think
it'd be the same deal as with crocs.

Still, it's all speculation, and figuring what they couldn't have done
is probably easier than figuring what they could have done.  I don't
think a croc lifestyle is really feasible due to size constraints,
though I guess it might work for juveniles.  Nothing says an animal
can't have different strategies at different points in its life, after