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Re: [Suchomimus tenerensis]

>It's not really the same, though.  In crocs you get huge, slender jaws 
>which are typically used to take down things like antelope, who are
>small.  They (usually) don't mess with hippos or buffalo or elephants, 
>since these animals would tear them apart. 

I was not implying by this that I believe that the Succhomimus tried for 
things like Supersaurus. Just things equal in size some times, and maybe 
   Also, Wildebeast make up a nice part of a lot of crocodiles' diets 
when they migrate. I've seen (not personally) corcs take downb 
wildebeast larger than them, then the group of them eat it, and gourd 
themselves so full they don't eat until the next migration. Of course, I 
don't believe that this dinosaur was exothermic either, but that's 
another debate that I rather wouldn't like to get into again at this 

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