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Re: Succhomimus (again)

Caleb Lewis wrote:
>    I have recently printed out pictures of Succhomimus tenerensis
> (forgive the spelling, I don't know if it's correct), primarily skull
> and jaw pictures. I am assuming, judging from the structure, where the
> jaw muscles would've been attachted to in life, the places where the jaw
> muscles would've been attatched to in life appear pretty big, which
> would suggest to me that the jaws of Succhomimus were pretty powerful. I
> think that would help support my view that it was not strictly, or even
> mostly, pescivourius. But I may be wrong!

They're actually pritty small. You need to look at the top view and see
how small the supratemporal fenestra is (for those who don't know, its
the holes on top of the head right behind the eyes). They didn't have
weren't really strong.