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Re: Questions , Questions ,Questions

Truett Garner wrote:
<<I've got a few questions that's been bugging me.
1. How compelling is the evidence for a monophyletic
   Ceratosauria ?>>

Felix Landry wrote:

<Not very compelling I think. I'm studying ceratosaur phylogeny, and I
don't think my final analysis will prove Ceratosauria monophyletic
(but, who knows). However, as I am a beginner in the subjet, Tom Holtz
will explain this much better than me.>

  I second Felix here. Current analysis (I don't have the ref) shows
that Coelophyoidea forms the outgroup to Tetanurae, which includes
Ceratosaurus at the base of Neoceratosauria (Ceratosaurus +
Abelisauroidea, I think) and Neotetanurae (Avetheropoda +
Megalosaurus) or something similar.

  (from Holtz (1994b))

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