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Re: Suchomimus tenerensis

Jaime A. Headden wrote:

>   However, I caution you, Caleb, on dismissing the piscivore
> hyposthesis on basis of size, whereas the skull seems supremely
> adapted for fish. It would appear to me, immediately, that a
> multiple-animal diet, one of the dry season and one of the wet season
> in a temperate clime and time where it would not conceivably snow (am
> I wrong, anyone?), would seem the most parsimonious explanation for
> all the parts.

One of the problems that I have for it being a piscivore is sure,
looking at the skull from either top or bottom its thin, like a ghavial,
but from the side it higer. Piscivore's need a long thin skull so they
can swip the skull throu the water to catch fish. 

Now I don't know how a high skull would work hydrodynamically under
water, but I think a higher thin skull would be a hinderance.

Maybe someone who knows about hydro-dynamics could answers this?