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Re: Embryos known?

In article <>, Jeff Poling
<jpoling@dinosauria.com> writes
>   My local paper made an error in an editorial about the sauropod nesting
>site, calling the in-egg embryos the first every dinosaur embryos found.
>   In my letter correcting the editorial, I thought I'd add some facts.
>Anybody know what was the first dinosaur embryo found?  What dinosaur
>embryos have been found other than from Troodon (originally thought to be
>from Orodromeus)?
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Marsh O, Principle characters of American Jurassic dinosaurs. Part VI.
Restoration of Brontosaurus, American Journal of Science 1883; 26: 81-5

Marsh described a baby sauropod, later identified as a foetal dinosaur. It was
associated with "Morosaurus" (Camarasaurus) grandis specimen, at Reed's
Quarry 1 in Morrison Formation.

(Above information is from 
Carpenter K, McIntosh J, Upper Jurassic sauropod babies from the Morrison
Formation, in Dinosaur Eggs and Babies, ed. Carpenter, K, Hirsch K F,
Horner J R. Cambridge Univ Press, 1994, pp 265

Gautam Majumdar                 gautam@majumdar.demon.co.uk