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Re: Succhomimus (again)

---Caleb Lewis <christianwarior7@hotmail.com> wrote:

>I am assuming, judging from the structure, where the 
> jaw muscles would've been attachted to in life, the places where the
> muscles would've been attatched to in life appear pretty big, which 
> would suggest to me that the jaws of Succhomimus were pretty
powerful. I 
> think that would help support my view that it was not strictly, or
> mostly, pescivourius. But I may be wrong!

Say, how do you feel about Horner's theories on T. rex?  Pack-hunting
dromaesaurs?  Heh heh.

It's not a bad thing to eat fish.  You're not a wuss if you eat fish. 
Suchomimus seems to have been adapted to prey mostly on fish.  Check
out the online articles in the recent NATURE for more on this.

I think that fish-eating theropods are actually pretty darned
interesting.  Would you rather read two books about the Nile
Crocodile, or one about the Nile Croc and one about the Gavial?

Old Suchomimus has nothing to be ashamed of.  I doubt that
Carcharodontosaurus went around berating Suchomimus for eating fish. 
And momma always told me to take my cue from Carcharodontosaurus.  She
was an odd woman.

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