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Re: Paleontology education


    For _Archaeopteryx_ and bird origins, I really liked Pat Shipman's
book - "Taking Wing  - _Archaeopteryx_ and The Evolution of Bird Flight".
As a hardback, it lists for $25.00.  It has good, general information, as
well as enough details to make you want more.  She writes a well-balanced
account of the 'difference of opinions' that permeate discussions of early
birds.  I expect that the trade paperback version should be available soon -
possibly by the end of the year.

    Allan Edels

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From: Laura Kramer <laukramer@hotmail.com>
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Date: Monday, November 23, 1998 3:03 AM
Subject: Paleontology education

>Does anyone have advice on where to find good educational materials (on
>the Web or elsewhere) for high school and college students on
>paleontology in general and on Archaeopteryx and bird origins in
>Laura Kramer
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