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Suchomimus:"Fish tonight-again?"

I'd have to say that there should be no surprise that a dinosaur as
large as Suchomimus could have sustained itself almost entirely on fish.
The size of the dinosaur doesn't mean it needs to feed on larger
animals, necessarily. Hasn't there been something of a mystery about how
sauropods could've taken in enough food each day to survive? Yet
obviously they did survive, despite the fact that their mouths would
seem to be too small to accommodate the large portions of food
necessary. If Suchomimus needed more food in relation to its body weight
than a sauropod does, at least Suchomimus has a much larger set of jaws
to take the food in. (Of course, a Diploducus didn't have to chase down
its "prey", either...)

"Probably wrong, with a 35% chance of being right..."
-Chris Srnka