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Re: Questions , Questions ,Questions

>  I second Felix here. Current analysis (I don't have the ref) shows
>that Coelophyoidea forms the outgroup to Tetanurae, which includes
>Ceratosaurus at the base of Neoceratosauria (Ceratosaurus +
>Abelisauroidea, I think) and Neotetanurae (Avetheropoda +
>Megalosaurus) or something similar.

Really? In fact, in this scheme you ca also say that Tetanurae outgroups
Coelophysoidea, its sister taxon. My present understanding of the situation
is a Ceratosauria composed of Coelophysoidea AND Neoceratosauria "sister
grouping" the Tetanurae.

I think the scheme you present is a new one. Anyway, it is almost never used
in scientific books.

I would well se a (Coelophysoidea (Abelisauroidea (Ceratosauridae+"classic
tetanurans") scheme, but we'll have to wait for my analysis ( and Scott
Sampson will also have his word to say).

>  (from Holtz (1994b))
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