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Re: Horse feathers?

Bald baby birds show NO SCALE PATTERNS AT ALL on the skin that will
shortly grow feathers.  It's very very thin with wrinkles at fold
The skin preserved is not that of a bald baby bird type at all.

-Betty Cunningham

Dann Pigdon wrote:
> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> >We now have data to show sauropods lacked > feathers/proto-feathers/whatever
> >prior to hatching, and as adults.  Until such time as we find positive
> >evidence feathery juvenile sauropods, we should work under the >assumption
> >that they weren't feathered at any part of their life cycle.

> Yet aren't many birds born completely naked? I've seen many a pink,
> squawking, and down right ugly hatchling. Of course such hatchlings
> are entirely dependant on their parents for thermo regulation. I
> find the image of sauropod brooding a messy and disturbing one indeed.