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Re: Suchomimus tenerensis

ah, but Sperm whale are believed to eat Giant Squid....an animal that
could be longer than the whale itself OR as juveniles smaller than your
thumbnail.  In Bodega Bay here in California the largest Giant Squid
ever captured alive were a mere 4 feet long.

And Sperm Whale have a row of quite nasty teeth.

-Betty Cunningham

Caleb Lewis wrote:
> >  Comparison of the predator's size to the prey should not be held
> >with too much weight. Take, for instance, the basking shark and baleen
> >whales, whose prey are about a million times smaller then they are.
> I believe I know the whale you're talking about. And this whale has
> specialized filter-teeth to accomplish just this. It doesn't have
> powerful forearms, nasty claws, and a row of nasty teeth.