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Re: More Suchomimus thoughts

Jim Kirkland wrote:

<The Barrimian through Albian in the western US represents a dry Savahna,
so spinosaurids may be ecologically excluded. However, during the
Cenomanian it does become much wetter with many extensive swamps.

The Arundel of Maryland (Aptian?) is pretty wet.>

Obviously, I wasn't precise in this message - I didn't have in mind the
whole continent , but the east coast of N. America - the part that was close
to the west Laurasia.

However, I do believe the presence of spinosaurids (and iguanodons) in such
a wide area  ( on at least three continents ) indicates the swamp system was
very extensive and connected at certain periods of time. I doubt that very
specialized, advanced, spinosaurids might have traveled and migrated very
form their natural habitat.
If a North American spinosaurid will ever be found, it is possible it would
be closer to the basal ancestor than the rest of the spinosaurids.

Berislav Krzic