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It seems the dominate attitude that all animals either have the "cuteness
factor", or they don't.  I feel that nature, the source of all diversity,
doesn't work that way.  Some animals follow this evolutionary principle, as
outlined in Richard Dawkin's _The Selfish Gene_.  Other creatures simply eat
the young if they are seen.  For example, most fish when in aquariums must
be removed from the tank as soon as the young are born, or else the parents
eat the young.  However, numerous fish species protect the young for a time,
the male Seahorse even shelters the young in a pouch.  Many reptiles leave
the eggs in warm sand to keep them at the right temp.  But crocs and
alligators protect the nest, dig out the babies, carry the young to the
water in their mouths, and gaurd them for a time.  Clearly nature follows no
set plan.
~Brandon Haist