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Re: Tanystropheus ?

Larry Febo wrote:

>Of course, I`m also predjudiced by my "theory" of a common pterosaur-bird
>ancestor  of which Cosesaurus suggests itself...which in turn would suggest
>a branching off of the sauropod-ornithischian line before this
>Prolacertilian lost digits and became airborne. ..and (don`t you know),
>there`s Tanystropheus sitting there with its long neck. (an early
>of that particular gene pool?). This (of course) may all prove wrong, but
>I`m determined to investigate it anyway. Can`t hurt in taking a look.

No!  Science is the search for truth, and regardles if the question seems in
error, or unusual, if it is worth it go for it!   If all the evidence
contrary to your theory, such as dino/bird evolution, is not entirely
convincing, then research must go on, even in different directions.
Although I truthfully believe in the Dinosaur Bird Connection, it doesn't
mean that I am going to deny the possiblily that birds came from elsewhere.
Until my theory is proven correct with direct evidence, then all the others
deserve a chance to be heard.  In the long run I feel that Paleontology will
find bigger and more elaborate questions to find answers for once we solve
the mystery of Birds, so there should not be any hard feelings!
~Brandon Haist