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Re: Paleontology education

Laura Kramer wrote:
>Does anyone have advice on where to find good educational materials (on
>the Web or elsewhere) for high school and college students on
>paleontology in general and on Archaeopteryx and bird origins in

I got the majority of my more expensive and better books from Amazon.Com,
the bookstore on the internet.  It is found at www.amazon.com .  This place
has a library of several million books, and you can find them by author, or
by title, or by subject.  A short list of "must haves" that I have been told
to get for my library over the past couple of years are:

    Bakker, Robert T.  (1986).  The dinosaur Heresies.  New York:  William
and Company, Inc.

    Carroll, Robert L.  (1997).  Vertebrate Paleontology And Evolution.  New
W.H.  Freeman and Company

    Colbert, Edwin H. & Morales, Michael (1991)  Evolution of the
Vertebrates ~ A
History of Backboned Animals Through Time.  New York:  Wiley-Liss.

    Currie, Philip J. & Padian, Kevin (Eds.) (1997).  Encyclopedia of
dinosaurs.  San
Diego:  Academic Press.

    Dingus, Lowell & Rowe, Timothy. (1998).  The Mistaken Extinction ~
Evolution and the Origin of birds.  New York:  W. H. Freeman and Company.

    Farlow, James O. & Brett-Surman, M.K. (Ed.) (1997).  The Complete
Bloomington:  Indiana University Press.

    Glut, Donald F.  (1997).  dinosaurs ~ The Encyclopedia.  Jefferson:
McFarland &
Company, Inc.

    Horner, John R.  (1993).  The Complete T. Rex.   New York:  Simon &

    Horner, John R.  & Dobb, Edwin (1997).  dinosaur Lives.  San Diego:
Brace & Company.

    Lambert, David  (1993).  The Ultimate dinosaur Book.  London:  Dorling

    Lambert, David  (1991).  dinosaur Data Book.  New York:  Gramercy Books.

    Norman, David. (1991).  dinosaur!.  New York:  Prentice Hall.

    Norman, David.  (1994).  Prehistoric Life ~ The Rise of The Vertebrates.

    Novacek, Michael.  (1996).  dinosaurs of The Flaming Cliffs.  New York:

    Pough, F. Harvey & Janis, Christine M. & Heiser, John B.  (1999).
Life.  Upper Saddle River:  Prentice Hall.

    Rose, Michael R. & Lauder, George V.  (Eds) (1996).  Adaptation.  San
Academic Press.

    Shipman, Pat.  (1998).  Taking Wing ~ Archaeopteryx and The Evolution of
Flight.  New York:  Simon & Schuster.

    Weishampel, David B. & Dodson, Peter & Osmolska, Halszka (Eds.) (1990).
Dinosauria.  Berkeley:  University of California Press.

    Whitfield, Philip  (1993).  From So Simple A Beginning ~ The Book  Of
Evolution.  New York:  Macmillan Publishing Company.

Don't worry, I did not do all the typing in, I just happen to have a list of
"Further reading on Dinosaurs and/or Bird Evolution" from a paper I just
turned in.

I hope this helps!

~Brandon Haist