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Pachy questions

Hello, I have done some more research on pachycephalosaurs and I came up
with I few questions and I was wondering if anyone could help me. I will
simply give each separate question a number. OK, here we go

1) In 1995, Ken Carpenter reported a new specimen of Stygimoloch on this
list, which was found by Mike Triebold (by the way does anyone know the
email of Mike Triebold). It was found in Sandy Creek (did you know that
the nickname of this specimen is "Sandy" an allusion to the place where it
was found), northwestern South Dakota in sediments of the middle Hell
Creek Formation. Ken also wrote that the specimen was under description by
Dale Russell and that was in 1995. So I was ondering if anyone could give
me more additional information, photographs or drawings of this specimen
and/or other specimens referred to Stygimoloch and maybe somebody knows if
there is already a paper in press (or is it already published) or do we
have to wait some more.
  A beautiful picture of the skull of "Sandy" can be seen on

2) In 1996, Darren Naish, posted a text on the Isle of Wight dinosaurs on
the list and he said therein that Dave Lambert told him that the status of
the skull fragment of Yaverlandia is now in doubs, due to new discoveries
of Steve Hutt on the Isle of Wight, England. So can anyone tell me which
material of Yaverlandia was discovered by Steve Hutt and on which facts is
this statement aout Yaverlandia based (has it already been published).

3) In the new cladogram of the Pachycephalosauria, proposed by Sereno
1997, he has included Stenopelix in the Pachycephalosauria. I thought that
after the paper of Sues, H. D. and Galton P. M. 1982 (The systematic
position of Stenopelix valdensis (Reptilia: Ornithischia) from the Wealden
of north-western Germany. Palaeontographica Bd 178: p. 183-190) Stenopelix
was considered to be merely a basal member of the Marginocephalia. And now
all of a sudden Stenopelix is back a member of the Pachycephalosauria. Is
this changement due to new finds or has Sereno found some compelling
evidence to include Stenopelix into the Pachycephalosauria (interesting
the specimen of Stenopelix lacks, off course, the skull and as I recall
only Prenocephale prenes, Stegoceras validum, Homalocephale calathocercos,
Stygimoloch spinifer and Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis are based on
postcranial material [mostly scarce]).

5) I also heard that Darren Tanke has found a specimen of the
pachycephalosaur Gravitholus albertae (which would be great, because as I
recall it is only based on one specimen, correct me if I'm wrong) in the
South Saskatchewan River about 80 miles east of Dinosaur Park, near Hilda,
Alberta, nearby he also found an ankylosaur during Dino Dig Doing in
Canada1. Is this specimen really Gravitholus, has it already been
described and is there maybe more material discovered which can be
assigned to Gravitholus.

6) When I was reading on Tylocephale gilmorei on the internet, I was
really surprised that "Troodon" (Stegoceras) bexelli (Bohlin B. 
1953. Fossil reptiles from Mongolia and Kansu. Rept. Sci. Exped. N.W.
China. The Sino-Swedish Expedition, (37)6: p.1-105. 
[does anyone has a copy of the pages where "Troodon" bexelli is described
because I cann't find the article]) from China was assigned to
Tylocephale. I thought that the material of "Troodon" bexelli was to bad
preserved to make any reasonable assignments. Is this assigment due to new
finds in China of pachycephalosaur material or is it merely based on the
old material.

7) In a press letter of JVP of 1994 I read that there has been found a new
pachycephalosaur in India by the Geological Studies Unit, Indian
Statistical Institute, Calcutta. It was found in the Pranhita-Godavari
Valley and it would be described by T. S. Kutty. Does anyone know more
about this specimen?

8) Prenocephale, Homalocephale and Tylocephale are they still based solely
on their holotype  described by Maryanska and Osmolska in 1974 or has
additional material been collected and/or described, because when I was
cruising around on the net I passed along a site with soem beautiful pics
of Homalocephale and the skull was not the skull of the holotype of
Homalocephale. Does anyone knowns more about this speciemn and/or other
    The URL of the site is

9) My final request is about two Chinese papers, namely

Dong, Z-M. 1978. A new genus of Pachycephalosauria from Laiyang, Shantung.
Vertebrate Palasiatica 16: p. 225-228 

Hou, L.-H. 1977. A new primitive Pachycephalosauria from Anhui, China.
Vertebrata Palasiatica, 15: p. 198-202

as my Chinese isn't that well, I was wondering if anyone could provide me
with the full text of the paper in English, French, Dutch or German.

That's all folks!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.