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Palaeo Edctn & Listmembers URL's

In joint reply to Laura Kramer and Fred Bervoets' postings, and as a general
announcement (slightly premature maybe - 'just a few finishing touches'
still to
be applied, but then it always will be), it is my pleasure to announce:

http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hall/2099/DinoKabin.html , without
which, no palaeo education could ever be complete :-)  (though whether it is
better to fill kids' heads with unpleasant truths or keep them in blissful
ignorance is a moot point!)

"May God bless her, and all who surf in her".

A list of web links will soon be featured, so please send in any offers of
link trades.  Also, feel free to send in any comments of any kind

John V Jackson    jjackson@interalpha.co.uk

"So many professors . . . so little time . . ."