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.....National Geographic and MCI Center in downtown DC. 

At the first is the temporary mounted Suchomimus skeleton. One big mama. Way
cool vertebral spines. The skeleton is well mounted too, with flexed knees and
ankles. One problem is that the left humerus is rotated along its long axis so
that it does not fit into the shoulder socket. Head also seems too dorso-
flexed on the axis-atlas. 

Later wandered over to the Discovery Channel store - think Nature company on
steroids - where they have a T. rex skeleton on permanent display. Real bug
mama. One can walk under most of it. Also put together very well. Knees and
ankles properly flexed, coracoids almost touching, hand palms facing inwards.
The one major problem is that the shoulder girdle is too far forward, because
the chest ribs are vertical rather than swept back. 

Will not bother to mention that at the temporary 
Star Wars exhibit at Air & Space museum, the Empire battlecruiser includes
numerous parts from ye old 1/600 scale Airfix batship models. You can pick up
our carbonized Hans Solo for $1400. 

May the Paleoforce be with you,