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Re: [Re: Succhomimus (again)]

> Also...is it just me or is "Suchomimus" (basically croc-wannabe) a rather

> wimpy name for such a majestic animal?


> Cheerio

> Brian Choo


Oh, I have to disagree entirely. _Suchomimus_ is one of the best deinosaurian
names that I've heard of in a long time. In fact that was one of my tentative
names for the future deinosaur species (peferably a genus) that I would find.

After all what is so wrong with being called a crocodile mimic. Crocodiles are
tuff animals and are almost deinosaurs themselves (is a tarsal arrangement
really enough to divide them up from the deinosauria?). 

So if we have Ornithomimids, why not Suchomimids?

And besides there are a lot of worse names out there like _Caudipteryx_ or
_Protarchaeopteryx_. How about _Gasosaurus_ and _Gallimimus_(chicken mimic,

As zoological names go, _Suchomimus_ got off pretty well.

Archosaur J

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