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Berislav Krzic wrote:
<< I haven't seen National Geographic magazine, December 1998, yet, but for a
long time  I have been convinced titanosaurs had broad brachiosaur-like heads.
Unlike the long and narrow diplodocid snout. How does the recently discovered
South American titanosaur head look like? Any drawings yet?  In one of
previous National Geographic, there was a photo of a pretty well preserved
skull - but taken from such an angle ( and a bit deformed ) I couldn't figure
out its real shape. >>

The new skull being described by Ruben Martinez, looks superficially like a
dicraeosaurid, or more specifically, Nemegtosaurus.  If you look at it from
the front however, the nasals are almost missing and seem to have formed a
very large arching nostril that is reminescent of that in Brachiosaurus and
Camarasaurus, as well as what has been suggested for Nemegtosaurus by Calvo
and Salgado (I think).

Lot's of neat stuff.... speaking of neat stuff that Ruben Martinez has....
does anyone know if there is more info out there on Notohypsilophodon? 

Did you really expect me to go all November without mentioning ornithopods?

Peter Buchholz