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Re: [Re: Succhomimus (again)]

Archosaur J wrote:

<After all what is so wrong with being called a crocodile mimic.
Crocodiles are tuff animals and are almost deinosaurs themselves (is a
tarsal arrangement really enough to divide them up from the
deinosauria?). >

  Among other things, lack of an antorbital fenestra, and a fully
closed acetabulum, as well, I believe, a pubis not in contact with the
ilium laterally, though I may be wrong. Crocodilologists like Brochu
and others can certainly tell you more. There's an entire fossil
series that shows crocs are really not close to Dinosauria.

<So if we have Ornithomimids, why not Suchomimids?>

  Because they're Spinosaurids? I know, I know, shut yer yap....

<And besides there are a lot of worse names out there like
_Caudipteryx_ or _Protarchaeopteryx_. How about _Gasosaurus_ and
_Gallimimus_(chicken mimic, really?)>

  Whoa, whoa, hold on there, no dissing us theropods! "Caudi" and
"Protarch" are perfectly fine names, as is "fowl immitator"
(ornithomimosaurs have been consistently named, with three exceptions,
after birds, then the ever-functional suffix); the name was not
intended to mock your Friday-night supper! Some names are honorific,
like "Gaso", and some are so strange and long, they've got to be
wonderful, my personal favorite theropod *Eustreptospondylus* no mean

Jaime A. Headden

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