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Re: National Geographic Web Cam

For anyone who might need it (response to query re. National Geographic web
camera re-pointing:

Just click on the part of the picture that is nearest where you want to
re-point the camera (e.g., at a corner for diagonal motion, at mid-side or
mid top or bottom for moving that way).  Its slow, annoying, but eventually
you'll get there.  Fast multiple clicks work for greater movement at one

    Ray Stanford

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From: Haist, Brandon <brandonc@advant.com>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Date: Tuesday, November 24, 1998 3:07 AM
Subject: National Geographic Web Cam

>Allan Edels wrote:
>>    As an aside, the National Geographic website
>>(http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorer/index.html) is great!  (You
>>to go to the "Dinosaurs of the Sahara", and then click on WebCam.)  Note
>>that the exhibit seems to be heading out on the road after 11/29/1998
>>(12/10/1998 it opens at the Chicago Children's Museum).  I wonder if
>>have webcam access there.  You can magnify to 12 times - close enough to
>>examine muscle scars (I think), and you can point to nearly every part of
>>the skeleton.  You can also point to a life-model of the animal, and a
>>full-size cut-away model of the claw.  Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!!!
>I went to this website, but all I could get is the skull/model/claw views.
>The sign said to move the pictue right or left, but I could not find how.
>don't know if I am just not seeing it, or if some buttons are not loading.
>What is the secret???
>~Brandon Haist