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Suchomimus feeding (was Re: Paleo-Ring)

At 10:10 AM 11/23/98 -0600, Roger Stephenson wrote:

>Would it not be possible for the new Suchomimus to have swept it's mouth
>back and forth through the water, much like a pelican, and snapped when it
>encountered prey. This would allow it to keeps its eyes above the waterline
>and still reach down into the muddy waters, no blues ref intended, for
>those big lungfish. Just a thought.

That's basically what I (and Sereno, and Charig & Milner, and others) have
been advocating.  Have we not been clear on this?

Also, no one has denied that spinosaurids were not like big crocs in also
feeding on large terrestrial animals: you just have to look at _Baryonyx_'s
gut contents!!

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