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Just for Pedantic's Sake: a dino mention

Just because I ran into it and because there are those who like to
collect refs which contain at least some paleontological data or a
bare mention, here's a ref:

Combes, S. 1998. Great Cats: stories and art from a world traveller.
[Greenwich Workshop Press Books] 168 pp.

  It has one bare mention of dinosaurs with some geological data:

  [regarding the kopjes of Ngorongoro Crater, in Africa] "Maybe I was
looking at one now which had witnessed the emergence and evolution of
life from the time that the first reptiles developed legs and crawled
from the water onto dry land. maybe this rock was leant upon by a
seventy-foot-long *Brachiosaurus* or brushed against by a
*Stegosaurus* with sail-like plates along its back during the Jurassic
period some 150 million years ago."

  Now, it just seemed odd, but *Stegosaurus* is a North American
taxon, but he might have been referring to the cohabitant of Brachio,
*Kentrosaurus*, but "plates"? Anyway, it's on page 71.

  -- Fool at Large . . . .
Jaime A. Headden

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