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Info about Dino Cloning

MGibb21521@aol.com wrote:

>> Would it be possible to clone a dinosaur by using Loh's method?  That
>> is,
>> grinding up large quantities of dinosaur bone to get SOME of the DNA
>> sequence,
>> then fill in the gaps with avian, reptilian, or amphibian DNA?

I have a movie that was on PBS, or some channel like that, well I guess it
has been on Discovery or the Learning Channel too.  The movie I bought at
Walgreen's, called "The REAL Jurassic Park", hosted by Jeff Goldblum.  The
show is 55 minutes long, and has Paleontologists Bob Bakker, and John
Horner, I think, among the many scientists interviewed about the concept.
They show many different ways to possibly obtain the DNA, but also addressed
the real problems, such as feeding, raising, vet care, disease, a place to
keep them, et cetera.  For a 55 minute show it sure goes into a Ton of
detail!  If you can find this video or catch it on TV, it is worth your
while.  Most of the theoretical concepts and real problems in the way are
covered.  It would put to rest the talk of everyone going out and growing
Dinosaurs and messing up the planet!
But who knows, anything is possible!
~Brandon Haist