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Re: [Re: [Suchomimus tenerensis]]

---Caleb Lewis <christianwarior7@hotmail.com> wrote:

> So, if we go along with your line of reasoning, _Succhomimus_ would 
> never have grown so large. You stated that evolution has a way of 
> "weeding out all the useless bodyparts and forms." well, if it was an 
> insectivore, then the size was useless, and it would not have grown
> be so large.
>    Second, could you imagine how many pound of insects that thing 
> would've had to eat in a day to maintain itself at that size??

On what do you base these assertions?  

The largest known animal ever to have lived on earth is alive right
now.  It eats some of the smaller animals on earth.  It just eats lots
of them.

Have you ever seen an ant-eater in "person?"  They are not tiny
animals.  They eat insects, actually rather smallish ones.  

And a decent-sized fish is far closer to Suchomimus's mass than an ant
is to an ant-eater's. 

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