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Re: [Re: [Suchomimus tenerensis]]

>The largest known animal ever to have lived on earth is alive right
>now.  It eats some of the smaller animals on earth.  It just eats lots
>of them.

Are you talking about the Blue Whale?

>Have you ever seen an ant-eater in "person?"  They are not tiny
>animals.  They eat insects, actually rather smallish ones.

it depends on which type of Anteater (if you are talking about the Ardvark,
not just any animal that eats ants).

>And a decent-sized fish is far closer to Suchomimus's mass than an ant
>is to an ant-eater's.

I know that this is old, but Grisslies which eat whatever they can find, eat
as much salmon as they can, since they are always hungry.  When I was at
Sequoia National Park in California the rangers made it a big point to keep
food away from the Black Bears.  They said that one Milky Way Candy Bar Held
more sugar and calories than what a Black Bear gets eating in a meadow for
an entire day!  I guess it is not what you eat necessarily, but how much.
~Brandon Haist